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2412 Baltimore Pike
Hanover, PA 17331
Phone (717) 632-0320
Fax (717) 632-2499


Police Department
Phone (717) 632-7059
Fax (717) 633-8042

From (L) Chairman Harold Hartlaub, Marc Woerner, (Center) James Staaf,  Vice-Chairman Jeremy Ault, From (R) Brian Blettner

West Manheim Township is located in the south west corner of York County Pennsylvania, nestled against the famous Mason-Dixon border. Ourgrowing community of approximately 8,000 residents was founded in the mid-1700's and officially established as a township by the Commonwealth in 1854. Originally comprised of Pennsylvania Dutch family farms, the area is now growing into a diverse community of quiet, residential neighborhoods, recreational areas, and burgeoning commercial interests.  This page has been established to help those interested in learning more about West Manheim Township, as well as to provide information and resources for our residents. For information not found on this page, please contact the Township Office at 2412 Baltimore Pike, Hanover, PA 17331 or phone (717-632-0320) Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm or Fax (717-632-2499) or through the township contact form located here.


The following areas & times will be without water  for a system upgrade.

The work is contracted to Kinsley Construction Co.

Tuesday April 21st  from 9am to noon. Area affected is mapped as Balt Pk from Fuhrman Mill Rd South To Shorbs Hill Rd.

This will affect Pheasant Ridge Fox Run, & Longview Dr. Township building also no water service.


Thursday April 23rd  no exact time given listed as daytime outage. Area affected is mapped as Balt Pk from Utz Dr south past Pleasant Hill Rd.  

This will affect Patwil Pl, Tollgate, Bair Cr, Pleasant Hill Rd.


Tuesday April 28th  from 9am to 3 pm. Area affected is mapped as The Balt Pike from Shorbs Hill south to Utz Dr.

This will affect  Michelle Way, Heritage Dr, Rickey & Hickory Ct.


Wednesday April 29th  from (NIGHT TIME) 7 pm to 1 am. Area affected is mapped as Fairview Dr & Balt Pk south to Fuhrman Mill Rd

This will  affect  All of Fuhrman Mill Rd,  Smeach,  Country Ln, Sugarboot,  Briberry, Tammy Ct, Panorama Ln, Hemler Dr.

Questions should be directed to The York water Co. 717-845-3601



West Manheim Township is “going green”.    If you would like to receive the newsletter via email please contact us at info@westmanheimtwp.com.  Hardcopies are available in the Township lobby.    Thank you!



 Spring 2015 Newsletter 







Township Limb Pick - Up

West Side of Township - April 13-17

East Side of Township - April 20-24 

Limbs should be no larger than 3 inches in diameter 


Street Sweeping

Weather Depending: Mid-March

Please move all vehicles off roadway Monday-Friday 7:00am - 3:30pm
















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